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Now that audiogalaxy has put in the dreaded filters forced by the RIAA. WHAT IS EVERYONE USING TO DOWNLOAD! I found a website called http://nurple.com/music/ check it out its got pretty close to every file sharing program out there. I have yet to find a decent one that works though. However I have found that mIRC has been good to me for downloading Full cds off Dalnet, Also Direct Connect and simplemp3s.com has quite a bit of full cds themself, I just need something to search for new singles. Anyone got a good one?!?!?:rolleyes:


Ahm, yes pirating music is illegal. But I have three things to say to that.

1) 15$ a cd is high. Admit it.
2) 90% of the mp3's I have I own Cd(s) by the artist as well.
3) When I can find music by Noriko Sakai at the local music store I will gladly go there and buy the Cd from them.

Also, there are more artists out there now that distribute there music through mp3 because it is the only way to get there foot in the door. Some of them are quite good.


Originally posted by catch23
I listen to Punk Rock...It's just as hard for me to find music.
It's not as hard for you as it is for me. Try searching these names: Akino Arai, I've, Noriko Sakai, Seatbelts, Two Mix, Yaida Hitomi, or Yoko Kanno. With out mp3 I never would have heard of them, and I am just now starting to get Cd's from them.

BTW - Most of what I listen to is Punk, Alternitive, or Rock.


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there is no reason for a cd that costs a few pennies to be sold for 15 DOLLARS... not when I spend that much money for more expensive media (dvd's) and have more bang for the buck...

there is no excuse...

the rising cost of the product and the declining quality of the product is one of the main reasons why I do dl music... and compile my own collection from my existing cd's...

I agree though with catch.. that this thread should have been closed... if you don't give out warez and stuff on this site... neither should this thread by tolerated...



Originally posted by u_diddy
Yoko Kanno???? Try finding Yoko Ono! She's Awesome.
You've heard of Yoko Kanno! Cool, I'll look around for Ono. Thanks for the recomendation. :)

I do agree that this thread sould have been close if caught right away (perhaps i'm alittle guilty for even responding). But there are ligitmit reasons for wanting t download music, and now that the thread has picked up would you realy want to see it closed?

Maybe a discusion thread on mp3/cd's in general would be more approperate?


Originally posted by catch23
...I live in Idaho...

I don't care if you live on the moon...the Punk Scene is bigger there than here.
1) Bigger where?
2) I bet you any money that you can at least find punk cd's where you are. I need to special order - from Japan.


But you do have a punk band in the area, so you dont have to go out of the state/country to see the band. Right?
1) no one ever seems to mention the lawsuits against the record labels for price fixing.
2) Catch, do you mean to say that you've never downloaded anything that would be considered "pirated"?


Originally posted by dreamliner77
1) no one ever seems to mention the lawsuits against the record labels for price fixing.
This is true, people are starting to wonder why a cd that cost about 0.03$ to make is being sold for 15-17$. And then you hear the artists saying that the aren't making any money. You have to wonder.


ill tell you how it is. firstly, i dont condone pirating music or software. on the other hand, i dont codone the crap that i have all too often wasted my hard earned money on so some millionaire can get that much richer. the fact of the matter is, alot of the albums and games belong in the garbage instead of on store shelves. what we need is a service by where we can download music to make our own cd's. the price should be nominal (around 5$). therefore, the middle man is cut out and the royalties go to the artist and the record company! (people have been gouged for way too long by stores who double the price of cd's!) and i for one am sick of it. if artists or record companies have a problem with this fee amount and want to continue to use a middle man who charges 15 or 20 dollars per cd, im sure people will have no problem providing music for free to those with the means and know-how to find it!!


I think that this is a good idea. Start a service that lets you download the songs that you want (who hasn't bought a cd and only liked 1 or 2 songs on it) charge a nominal fee, most of which goes to the artist, and once you have the song its you to enjoy however you like - short of selling it to someone else.

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