Where to find specs on Geforce2 card


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Hi Guys,

As I always have bought ATI cards right from the get go, I have no idea how NVidia ID's their cards.

My friend just purchased "Painkiller" game. Now he interested in replacing the vid card with a better one. For my own personal info, I was wondering what the specs were on his card. Buddy knows it is a Gforce, but he thinks it is a geforce2 with 256megs. He actually knows it is a 256meg card. That was his selling feature. Is it a DX9 card? I have been to NVidia site, but I can't find anything on Geforce2.

Thanks in advance.



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they never made a GF2 with 256mb of ram, they did make a GF 256 tho i think

GeForce 256 SDR - Runs at 120mhz core / 166mhz memory. GeForce 256
DDR - The same as a GeForce 256 SDR, except it uses DDR memory


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Check out www.tomshardware.com They have reviews on each video card as it comes out. Look in the Graphics Cards sections at the article titles from about 4 years ago. You can do a search also. They have card pictures so you can ID them too. Unlike some sites Tom's seems to keep good archives of old information... ;)

Like maybe this one?


Then look at their VGA III video card benchmark roll up to see where it will stand compared to better cards. WARNING. If it is the GE 256 it probably is so slow it falls off the bottom of the rating scale.

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