Where to find P3 Xeon CPUs?


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25 Dec 2001
Title sums it up...

What is the fastest Intel 100MHz FSB PIII Xeon available and where can I buy them?

The company I work for uses servers with dual 700MHz PIII Xeon CPU's (100 FSB). We use these servers for some pretty intensive Crystal queries and have found as time goes on that they are taking longer and longer to execute. No amount of database re-indexing helps. I don't want to upgrade the whole system for obvious price reasons, but I was thinking upgrading to dual 1GHz CPUs (or higher) may help somewhat, if those are available.
Hmm, haven't looked there yet, but there are 2 reasons why I really don't wanna go there:

1: Reliability. These CPUs will be going in servers that are on 24/7 and there are monetary penalties if there is any downtime.

2: Quantity. There are 5 servers with 2 CPUs in each. I'd need to find someplace where they have at least 10 available (more because I want a few spares).

Then, I'd also like to have some type of warranty. I don't want to trust any old vendor to mission critical equipment.

Thanks for the idea though :)
I'm assuming Geffy was being a tad sarcastic.

You can't buy new P3 Xeon processors they are discontinued. I couldn't even find any that were stashed in the supply chain somewhere.

When a business uses a product that is being discontinued it normally goes out and does a last time buy for upgrades and spares before the production line closes down. Once the window closes on the last time buy offer you are screwed. Now, if you can find any at all, you will be dealing with a scalper who is hoarding inventory or go to auctions for used equipment with questionable reliability.

How old are the servers, what is their replacement cost and what are the software migration costs is what your company should be looking at now. They missed the boat on continuing or expanding their current hardware.

Good luck.
I did see some PIII Xeons at a surplus site I visit at work the other day, not sure of the speed/quantities though. If you're really interested I will check on it tomorrow, as I don't have the web address here at home. I'll post again in the morning with a link if I find anything.
nah I was serious, it was the only place I could even find any p3 Xeons, but they were all 500MHz ones so not a step up by any sense of the word. I do however understand that you want them from a reputable source.
Well, I just looked at the 3 surplus houses we use most(reputable), and all the Xeons were 500 to 800 Mhz. I'm sure that LeeJend is right, most of them will probably be held by questionable sources. Sorry I couldn't help more...good luck!
Oh well, I should've known. It's gonna cost a pretty penny for 5 new servers. The software is another thing altogether; we have troubles even when we install service packs! I think we'll just limp along for now.

Thanks all...
You might try pricewatch.com also
If the software will allow interoperability you may only need to bring new servers on line one at a time, as your business needs them. This will reduce your cost/risk and potential downtime.

Look for a new server solution that allows you to upgrade with new servers one at a time (and retire as needed) the old servers.

(Damn, I sound like an IBM commercial...)

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