Where is my HL Cd Key?



where can I check my Half Life CD key...I want to know what it is so I can install on my other computer cuz I wont need this one to play anymore....I have Half LIfe Retail and WIndows XP pro...
I beleive its printed somewhere on the jewel case....


(Removed that stuff JJ, no need for it)
think he means the location of the CD key in the registry m8... sure he's not that stupid... doens't know how to look @ back of jewel case ;)... lost it or something...

I don't have HL installed atm... so don't have a clue ;) - sorry

Jewel case equals lost...I lose everything....I lost my mouse once when it was connected to the computer and it wasnt wireless...dont even ask....
There is an app available to grab the key out of the registry but im damned if i can remember the name or find it for you ....
The easiest way, if someone wanted to help, is to search for there own key using regedit - then give you the location. I don't have mine handy atm, its at the bottom of a damn box ;)
mines at


key value = key

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