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Where is MS Access going?

I’ve been mostly looking at Microsoft Access this week in its Office 2007? incarnation. I wonder now if it has a place here any more for it appears that most corporate users I know use Excel when they should be using Access even though on occasion they are using Access but don’t know it.

Access sits in an uneasy place in the marketplace, its file sharing system is beginning to creak and it was in many ways the natural front end to SQL Server but, its been marketing led and not product. Its also becoming harder and harder to use especially now as the .NET environment starts to take hold of Access, traditional VB based programmers which were in fact the biggest developer community on the planet, are all strugling with the new .NET based system. It’s also very clear that it’s been “joined together” and has no single interface as Access 2 did.

I think the time has come to remove this application from office and to continue its development in the marketplace where the gaps are showing, namely peer-to-peer systems that would let you deploy you application on several machines and Access would automatically “join them all together” this would be a breakthrough as it would allow users to send each other files (at the most simple level) to the implementation of simple distributed databases which would be an application killer for small businesses.

What do you think?


Electronic Punk

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I haven't used this application for years but it does now seem totally redundant although I guess it was nice to have both the backend and frontend in one place so much more can be done with a frontend that isn't tied down like access was.


F@H - Is it in you?
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I used to use it a fair bit and some of my colleagues recently started using it.

It's where I learnt access basic and sql and the app itself is relatively powerful and feature-rich for what it is designed for.

Sure it can be spun-off but a number of universities still employ access (hence why it is part of the pro package).

The small business version of the current incarnation is good enough for most people.

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