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Where in the world is .........


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[01:05] <TehBot> Sazar (~usfbaddie@sn-1DE3A8F4.cable.mindspring.com) was last seen quitting from #Enyo 42 days, 7 hours, 3 minutes ago stating (Quit: {}).

he's been in #osnn since then, but not for a while :(


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hi :)

sry am a bit busy with things... moving and setting up shop in texas and trying to get a job and apartment and stuff while trying not to get mauled to death by the kitty :eek:

appreciate teh concern... but alls well :)

I will get back to posting and what not when I have settled down some...


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You're coming to Texas?! Want to have a party? We could get together with Jewelzz and unknownsoul!

Speaking of M.I.A., where's xsiv been?


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afaik xsiv said he was no longer going to be posting here...

and yes I am currently in round rock/austin :) currently staying with my bro but looking to get a place to stay asap...


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I knew that was coming. :p

I never even saw the place before it was burned down. It's about half an hour from where I live. Outside of Waco actually. Myself and a few friends did go out there a couple of Halloween's back when we were in college. They built some kind of church on the site... that's all I know.


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Didn't know you were moving Sazar ... Welcome to HELL 2 :p
Good luck with the apt and job search. You're living in the same town as one of my aunts, who I haven't seen in years.

BTW ... xisv is very loyal. He did what he felt he had to do, what's best for him


F@H - Is it in you?
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anyways... updates...

I am now kinda settled into my new apartment with my significant other and our damn cat...

moved in the furniture and what not this week and internet should be conncted soon... austin RR requires over 2 weeks to hook someone up :(

also had a major car accident a coupla weeks ago which kept me away from the board for a bit... like the changes thus far... like the post counts and what not and also like the traffic :)

wb xsiv too and hopefully I'll be back full-time (sort of) by the end of the next week...

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