Where does WinXP store "itself" ??


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12 Jan 2002
In Win 98 the windows install files were stored in C:\Windows\options\Cabs (or some such place :) ) so that on those occasions when you are prompted to insert the windows disc all you had to do was point to the files--rather than having to keep putting in the windows disk.

Question I have is... Are the WinXP files stored in a similar location so I don't have to keep using my WinXP disc ??

If they are ... Where ???
If not... well then I will just probably make my own folder--I just do not want to duplicate if I do not have to.

Thanks :D
They are stored on your CD, lol...if your CD was stored in C:\Windows\options\cabs then thats how your manufacturer did it so they dont have to actually give u the windows CD, just the files...
Copy the i386 folder to your hard drive and get yourself a copy of 'Customizer XP." Look at the attachment to see where to change the installation folder location using this program:

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