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Where do you NTFS?

Electronic Punk

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last pic: on the desk left to right

dvd player, vcr, reciever, cd player, wireless desktop, monitor, case speaker
under the desk sub.
far left and right speakers

what more do you need ? :D


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Here is a pic of what it used to look like. I need to take an updated pic. You can tell how old this is because if you look at the screen, you will see XP-erience.org. Ahhhhh, the memories.


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Originally posted by RazerBack
Yes it's a 19" Flat screen CRT, are you sure you want to see the cables? I could post it later when I get home.
I got 2 of those puppies on my desk @ the mo :)

not the greatest but are pretty good bang for the buck and certainly the flat screen helps in florida...

its so BRIGHT over here :(


The First Rebirth
Originally posted by Octopus
about RazarBack's room.......
typical american room :D
I'm Canadian, and it's not a typical Canadian room.
My friend does cable internet installations in peoples homes, and not once has he seen a setup as good as mine.

I decided not to post my cables, what a waste of time. It's pretty messy behind the desk. Speaker, power, keyboard, palm pilot, mp3 player cables everywhere.

But I did find some sweet power cables (so exciting), what makes it special is that half way up the power cable it splits and I'm able to plug my computer and monitor into one cable. Had a 2nd one and put the 2 flat panels on that one.

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