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Where Do I Go To Open More Ports??

I am running XP Pro with the original firewall that came with Windows. I need to open some more ports for some applications having dificulty sending files over the net.

Where do i go on my computer to open more ports?

How do I do it?


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Go into your firewall settings click services tab at top. At the bottom youll see options to add and edit. This is where you want to be.
1. Where are the firewall settings?

2. Quick question....If I disable the firewall completely then why can I not receive files over messenger? I can send fine but I cannot receive.

Any Suggestions?


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Your kind of confusing me know. If you have enabled Xp's personal firewall you should have seen the settings option at the bottom. If not then click on your network connection properties>Advanced tab at top>settings at bottom. Im not sure if this will work for you but here...
In the services screen click on add at bottom. Give the service any name you like[msnif you like]>put in your public IP>then try using port 6891 for incoming and outgoing. Click ok and cross fingers :D
ok...i saw the settings button and i added the MSN as you said. Now, i am not on a network so what IP address do i use in the box? My ADSL IP address is dynamic. does this mean every time i connect i need to change it to the new address in this box?
Black_Pride if you want to be more protected with a bit more customizability than XP Firewall then you need to get one of the Off the Shelf solutions or something similar, Kerio is free. Norton PFW is apparently good. ZoneAlarm, though I am not sure about their XP compatibility, I think they fixed it by now, but I havent check them for a while.

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