Where did the ekko theme go ?


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11 Jul 2002
where'd the ekko theme go ?

i love the ekko theme i always used it , please bring it back.
The old themes we used to have (Ekko and Orbitz) have not yet been modified to work with vBulletin 3. We're currently using Release Candidate 4, and if I remember correctly, EP plans to add the old themes, and some other hacks once the final build of vB3 is released and installed.
Hang in there...it should be back eventually. Nice to see you back :)
I removed it from the frontpage yesterday as I have made some functional changes to update the look of orbitz. These would hav emade ekko look completely messed up so I removed it. It will be back when I get around to making the same changes to Ekko, which shouldn't be too far away.
and what about the 'orbtiz expanded' ? I used to use it...
I am working on a merger of the two... as you can see there are now 4 headlines per row, so it is wider ;p
Ok EP, thank you for working on it !
That's just that the stripes on left/right are too wide at the moment:


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I'm running at 1280*1024*32 (this printscreen), but often higher (I have a 19")

You do not use % for the tables (or frames?) ?

No big deal, I just prefer when the stripes are 1cm wide, that's all ;)
Just hope the expanded version will come back, sooner or later :)
Ah but MacDonalds burgers are 110%, or something like that!
Well, I do hope the expanded themes will come back as they used to be, someday ;)
As if he would even be allowed to eat a big mac, especially so close to the six nations :p
i say, a whole new theme. have 1 style, with multiple color selections.
Wooohoooheehaaahiiihoooooharah! Quite happy with Orbitz now though. :eek: :p
Me too to be honest, but ekko took me a long time to work up so I don't want it lost in, well wherever I keep losing stuff.

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