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Where can I get 3.3v AC adapters?


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I bought a 3.3 megapixel Vivitar digital camera ... http://www.vivitar.com/Products/DigCams/3mpdsc.html#V3715. It works great ... but it didn't come with an AC adapter. It requires a 3.3v AC adapter. I bought a multiple voltage AC adapter, but the closest it had was 3.0 volts ... which didn't work. I bought the camera at Wal-Mart they don't seem to have an AC adapter for it. Target doesn't have it and looking around on the Internet is no good. Vivitar doesn't sell 3.3v AC adapters either. I might try out Radio Shack, but I might as well ask here also and see if anyone could point me out to a 3.3v AC adapter
You'd think Vivitar would at least offer an optional adapter. :rolleyes:

If you or anyone you know is decent with electronics, you can take a 5v or so "wallwart", take the transformer and rectifier/filter circuits out, and add an LM317T 3-pin regulator, and then stick all that in a small radio shack project box. Depending on how you configure the LM317T, it is adjustable from 1.2v up to whatever your source voltage is (max of 40v differential), but you want 3.3v obviously. You want a source voltage as close to ~4v (but no lower) you can find or the heat from the dissipated power on the regulator will require a heatsink.

Or, you can modify the regulator circuit of the adjustable one you have so it outputs 3.3v instead of 3v, providing you can take it apart without wrecking it.

In the meantime, you can use your computer's (or an old small PS) 3.3v line. :)

In either case, or if you find an adaptor somewhere, be sure to verify the polarity!
Ok, that is the sickest thing I have ever seen. The manual recommends using an AC adapter to upload the pictures and they don't offer one or give any requirements.

WTF didn't they just get power from the USB adapter...

Try radio shack. The multi voltage unit I have has a reversible ground, unfortunately it's 3.0 or 4.5Vdc. Shame Vivitar doesn't mention if you need positive or negative ground. THE DAMN MORONS!

Are you sure the 3.0V didn't work because the gnd was reversed?

I'd be thinking homebrew off the computer 3.3 volts but it's not on the PS expansion cables and messing with the MB is a bad idea.


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scriptasylum, thanks for the suggestion ... I'll see if I can get anyone to follow your directions because I don't understand a bit. Maybe someone with a bit of electrical know-how.

LeeJend, yup 3v doesn't work ... on both negative or positive.

GusK, as scriptasylum says, I bought a 3v DC out ... it's easy to find adapters that output 3v DC ... but I have yet found one that outputs 3.3v because it doesnt seem to charge the two AA batteries I already bought.

Another solution might be to buy a separate kit that charges AA batteries. Do those exist?
Originally posted by vern
..Another solution might be to buy a separate kit that charges AA batteries. Do those exist?
:SLAPS HEAD: Yeah, a battery charger does exist! I was just thinking about how to create a power supply of some sort... man, what tunnel-vision I have. :)

I've seen RadioShack (as well as most dept stores) sell a kit with 2 AA size Ni-MH recharchable batteries with a charger for less or equal money than the adaptor alone will run you. This means you'll have to pull the batteries out to charge them, but the upside to that is you can get a few spares and have them ready in case one set dies.


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if the camera is like most out there, plugging an ac adapter into it won't charge the batteries. it's only meant to be used to save battery usage during file transfers.

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