Where can I find good avatars?


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6 Jan 2004
I am trying to find some good avatars. Does anyone have a good source for them. I have tried a google search and for some reason, it doesn't bring up much of interest. Thanks!

BTW, these new forums are GREAT! minus the loss of the old posts though.
Sboulema used to make them for you. He made my old one. Try making your own. Get PSP or GIMP and have at!!

I just made my avatar in PSP5, and I have a sig made that I don't know what to do with.

Have a go at it. It was fun for me.

Oh, I can make my own, but I have another forum, that I am trying to find them for, and I don't have time to create 30+ of them. Any links?
I was going to mention http://www.gamespy.com/avatars/ as that's the only resource I know that's dedicated to avatars, but that's in the link above. heh.

Best is to find an image you like, then hack it up for your own needs :D
SPeedY_B said:
Best is to find an image you like, then hack it up for your own needs :D
That's what I usually do. Makes it look more unique rather than having a generic one that lots of other people might have. :)
11/6/2003 6:39:16 AM - Some1

Avatars Inc. is no more.
There will not be an easy way to browse Internet content for 50x50pixel avatars anymore, finding what is just right for you will once again be up to your self. It is a shame but the only alternative would be vastly inferior to what you could do your selves without trouble and also rather easy.

Google.com is your friend and it has great image search. I have also really enjoyed the trial software from Jasc.com for great results in editing images and animations in an easy way. If you want to pay for your avatar you can easily find artists eager for your money (its not impossible that you can get good result from this if your skeptic).

Im sure Gamespy will let this page be up at least a week for people to see news but it is bound to be taken down soon enough along with forum and link to site. A few who come to this site are not from forumplanet.com and thats fine but it really is home for some great communities if you want to try the place. If you have a great idea for a game related site then you may want to read up on the possibility of being hosted on Gamespy at Gamespy.com/hosting

Again I hope the year of Avatars Inc. has been of service to your forum community even if it was as your most recent target for your hate as in a few examples. I am not rushing through the mails I get but I will get to them and reply in almost all cases.


hmm. Oh, well. Maybe I can find some time to create some of my own.....
What about the other links over at SP?

Another way to find them is google images, use the advanced search to find "small" images. :)

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