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Where can i find a system link cable that can fit four xbox's on it

i'm trying to find one but i only find a two system one, and i know it can go more, but non of the sites i've went to has them, any help from you guys.
no no, its not for the internet, not live. Like for a tournement, theres cables that link two xbox's together, that way you can do like 4 vs. 4 without screen looking but i've seen and heard about one that can connect 4 of them for 16 players but i havn't found the thing for it.

the hub isn't for the internet, thats my bad, but i dont quite think thats what i want


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Yeah choady...u could of asked me that since i am in your speech class and a road down from you :p. Anyway...i could get u a router but it wouldnt be till next week and most likely u are using it for this friday.

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