Where can I download Ringtones besides from my provider?

Discussion in 'Portable Devices & Gadgets' started by Punkrulz, Aug 5, 2002.

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    Hey all. I just obtained myself a Cell Phone. Problem is I am a Pre-Paid customer, and my current company, T-Mobile, is biased and discriminatory against Pre-Paid customers... so in other words, Post-Paid customers can get the ring tones, and Pre-Paid can't.

    I am convinced that there has to be a website somehow some where that uses the technology so that people who are unable to download ringtones to your phone because of the service, there has to be somewhere that can utilize it so I can download tones to my Nokia 3390... does anybody have any ideas?

    Also, no I cannot connect my phone to my computer. :( I mean one of the places where they send it to your cell number.
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    hmmm... you mentioned that you have a nokia 3390... which means you should have the "composer" function on your phone. i know it's a pain to have to program the song in, but at least you'd get it free. try this website: http://www.myringtones.net/

    hope that helps. i use it sometimes when i get bored of the songs i've got. :)
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    if you have a Nokia goto http://www.club.nokia.com then register your phone and get some credits you get 20 to start and get some ringtones, many of them are quite good. Ringtones 10credits, Icons 5credits
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    yup use club nokia, the tones etc r gd. u can go through there web site or through wap (if u have it). i have a nokia 3510 + use it through wap as well as vizzavi.
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    http://www.free-ringtones-free-logos.com/ - The Only Answer To FREE Mobile Logos and Ringtones, Takes a while to get to grips with the site, but early mornings (GMT) you can get loads but in midday or evenings u have to wait up to 15 mins because of their bandwidth issues but otherwise excellent site TRULY!

    Erm, it is also american as well as english, the americans are the ones that make you wait so long because it is peak american internet time wen u have to wait, but that is life, not saying anything bad bout the americans - My grandad is one)

    Latest and greatest ringtones and logos and no registration!

    hope this is of use,

    Adam :D