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Where are our News Posters?


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Have to ask since it seems it's back to me just posting news :(

GMeagle86 - On vacation
ZAnwar - Haven't seen him post
GoNz0 - Posts ocassionally
Henyman - Post quite a bit
G-Lizard86 - Haven't seen him post
gorilla - Haven't seen him post
SkazzyUK - Post a lil bit
Edskes - Wait for access to post on his own

gonaads: Thanks for all the submissions, you're making my job easier :) Now get your own damn news posting acct :p


NTFS Stoner
cleaning up the smoke damage at work :( so i have been busy all day and my server is a nice black colour.... and at night im absolutly knackerd through all the bloody cleaning all day. i even missed the CTO show as i couldnt take the time out :(

(i have been posting a little miss :happy: )


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i'm sorry 2 say i 2 have noticed the lack of news posting. i post news every single day (cept some weekends) even if it's ownly on behaf of outher people. in the mornings when i look i can still see the same news articles in the top 5 list, i look in the admin panel and there is about 15 news posts (thanx gonaads :p ) waiting to go out. i take it as my job to post news + feel downheartened when outher people selected as news posters dont post anything. jewelzz souldn't have to be posting news to keep it upto date, she has outher admin jobs to do.


ps i think mister.de could make a good news poster


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ok time 4 a lil rant...again


^^^^ posted on 5th april.....2day is the 7th........it was number 3 on the main page, that means there has only been 2 bits of news added in 2 days, i say thats crap.


The Final Builds of K-Lite Codec Pack 2.02 and QuickTime Alternative 1.00 are available.

When will I be able to post?


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you need to continue submiting throught the main page:cool:

i will post all good news that is submited. try not 2 make your submited news 2 long;)


Hey All! I am almost back :) Have to get unpacked and finish working for the day, and hopefully I can start up submiting news again.... Shouldn't be long now.---Side note, When I went down to Florida, the first 3 days were in the 40-60!!!!! It was cold, It was in the 60-70 back home, It set record colds for Florida when we were down there. It warmed up to the 80-90'es towards the end of the vacation. Goto go..


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Hey GMeagle86, it's good yer back. Did ya run over... ummmmmm, I mean run into... no, that's not it... :rolleyes: Did you see Xsivforce while you were in Florida? :p


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dam gonaads i leave my computer for 2 hours, come back + i sudenly got 20+ emails about news being submited:mad:


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