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Where are ASUS A7N266-E IDE Drivers??



I just reformated my HD and installed XP Pro, did all updates, updated my Video cad and Sound card.. I tried to burn a DVD, but my TDK indiDVD 4x doesn't even start burning. I got a hold of the TDK Support and they said I need to update my IDE Drivers. The MB has a nVidia nForce 420-D Chipset and I went to nVidia's web site and downloaded the nforce drivers there. But my IDE drivers are not getting updated. Right now there Provided by Microsoft, Driver Date is 7/1/2001 and Version is 5.1.2600.0
I have been looking on the ASUS and nVidia web page but I can't find drivers. Where do you get IDE Drivers?
Thanks :)


Has anyone else Tried this Site?

I found this web site that shows i need to update some drivers, but its 29.95 to join it. Has anyone else tried this place?

here is what it said about my IDE Drivers:

DE ATA/ATAPI controllers
Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller <-- Update Available!

It doesn't say what drives I need, but there are updates *mumble*


hardware monkey
those default xp ide driver should work fine. it's 100% compatible with everything, but the custom nvidia driver will just offer a little more performance.

try this anyway. get the latest 2.45 nforce drivers and install them, if you haven't already. once you've restarted, double-check your ide driver. if the controllers driver (not the primary or secondary channel) is still dated 7/1/2001, then 'update driver...' and point it to c:\NVIDIA\nForceWinXP\2.45\IDE\WinXP\ . this is the location of the nforce ide driver. it should install and after you restart, it will have to re-find your drives. after which it should work fine. good luck.


Well.. that did work.. and the IDE Controller got updated.. but my Burner still won't burn. My TDK CD-RW Drive will burn, but the DVD burner just stop before it even starts to burn. I took the burner out and put it in my friends and it worked fine on his. He recenlt formated his HD installed XP, did all updates, updated his Audio and Video card, installed Nero and it work.. so I did the same, formated my HD, did updates, installed Audio and Video drivers, installed Nero, but when I click burn.. it loads the files.. the DVD burners light goes on for about 2 sec's, and mu HD light is on.. but then the burners light goes off, so does my HD light and everything just stops. I can't even open the DVD Drive. I Try to tell my stsem to restart, but it just hangs and I have to force reboot. I check Event Viewer, and it shows NOTHING! *ARG!!* The burner worked fine for me before I had to reinstall XP for other reasons, but now I don't know whats going on. I'm about ready to buy a new Mother board but I don't think that will fix it. And being Labor day, TDK is closed.. grr.. so I will see what they say, but I'm sure since the drive does work, they won't help. Anyone got ideas?

Oh.. also... if I do get a new MB and CPU.. will i need to reinstall XP on my HD? Or just install everything on the new MB and boot up normaly and install new Chipset drivers and such.


hardware monkey
hmm... maybe try a different ide cable? an 80-conductor one or something. maybe put it alone as slave or on a different channel.

otherwise, no ideas on what could be the problem. sorry.

Originally posted by Shirow
Oh.. also... if I do get a new MB and CPU.. will i need to reinstall XP on my HD? Or just install everything on the new MB and boot up normaly and install new Chipset drivers and such.
a fresh format is sometimes required and always recommended after installing a new motherboard. if you want to assure the most performance, reformat with the new board in place.

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