When Will I, Will I Be Famous?


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5 Mar 2003
Guess it's thread with the BRoS lyric title ressurection time :rolleyes:

K..The point of this thread is to see just how many famous (if any @:p)
faces we have lurking behind those nics on these forums...

Please post stories/anecdotes and/or any supporting images etc, to support
your "claim" hehe...... (if possible...no biggie;))

If not did your Grandmother used to babysit Cher?, or
your Uncle Albert know Bob Hope?
Relatives/friends count too!.
Kinda gets more people involved.

It got a pretty good response last time, so let's see if we have any stars
amongst us?

I'll kick the ball off....

I'm not famous in my own right, but I did win $16,000 on the UK
version of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
It got quite freaky afterwards. Couldn't go anywhere in my local town
without being stopped, local rag kept phoning me at home and work
wanting stories etc.. lol

I've got a credit (in my real name) on the Gunshot album, "Patriot Games"

My Grandfather served in WWII win the same platoon as the actor Sir David
Niven, and he used to walk to school with Norman Wisdon (British comic)

Met a few famous people at different events. Goeff Capes, Linda Lusardi,
Jean-Paul Sigmarrsson, and a few other's like that. I've also been in the local
paper for other stuff when I was younger, though nothing major.

Ooh yeah, and finally my uncle regularly plays golf with many
of the older comedians..Mike Reid, Jim Davison, Brian Conley, Bobby Davro,
Duncan Norvelle, Jimmy Tarbuck and others.;)

Right then, it's over to you....


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3 Feb 2002
Appeared in a newspaper once. That's about how "famous" I am.


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2 Dec 2001
I've been featured in many newspapers... mainly under the lost & found sections... also am equally popular in the classifieds/wanted sections too :p

Hmm... locally have won a few cups here and there... online.. got my nick mentioned in some (two I think the final count was) magazines (one was published in aussie land) in regards to my active desktop... only thing that comes tomind at the moment.



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9 Jan 2004
Hmmm, well, other than being in the newspaper a few times(NOT the Police Report, thank you)...I'm not really famous. But, I have been around some better known people. Not sure how well know he is to our friends across the pond, but the company I work for was formerly owned by Joe Amato, of NHRA fame. He still runs the Dragster from this building, although he doesn't do the driving anymore. Most recently worked on the pc in their tractor-trailor that records all the info from their run times and dyno tests, and had to get the DVD player working on Mrs. Amato's laptop. They're good people...and I love hanging out in the garage!


I will be famous when they find out what I have done. Nah, that wont ever happen.

Electronic Punk

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2 Dec 2001
I was in the local newspaper last week and I once sang on Songs Of Praise - gah!


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5 Mar 2003
Zedric said:
Since the old thread is lost, I'll say it again. I've had pizza with Linda Lampenius (violininst, playboy model) one night in August. She payed. :)


That made me drool the 1st time around Zedric :cool: :D

perris said:
been on a few tv shows, freinds seinfeld, veronicas closet, lois and clark, a coupla tv comercials, none memorable though

sang a few songs, told a few jokes

anyway, there is a screeny of me on one of the freinds episode on this thread

n1 Dealer...You really are a star :cool: My mum's a certified Friends-aholic.
It'll amuse her when I tell her.
She'll prolly want you're autograph..hehe j/k

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