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When Will I, Will I Be Famous?

Sorry in advance for the poor Bros lyric for the title, but it got you in here didn't it? ;)

I was recently reading this thread here >>Broken Sword 3 (Dark horse that SPeedY_B :p)
It kick-started an idea in my head.....*whir-click*

With over 28,000 members in this community there statistically
at least should be some people with a decent claim to fame (or two)

Please post your stories, anecdotes, pics, or anything else relevant
(Genuine claims only please. It kinda spoils the whole point
of the thread if someone chirps in claiming to be The Queen Mother - unless you are here...*gulp* sorry m'aam)

It'll be fun to see just who's who....:cool:
Guess i'll kick things off....

In December 2001 I (and my missus) appeared on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and we won £16,000 (fastest finger 1st in under 4 seconds....c'mon!)
(i'll scan the picture when I dig it out again and post it here as proof)

I've had a credit in the album "Patriot Games" by Gunshot (UK hip-hop crew from the early 90's before hip-hop became lazy)

Think there's more but off the top of my head I can't think of any.
Anyhow....jump in whenever you like peeps....;)
Nice "ring" Marge :rolleyes:
Awww, what a cutie :)
Topless in the paper at that age? Wasn't page 3 was it lol :p

@ Jewelzz.....Do you not have a parent that went to school with someone famous? Or did you?
Or did you autograph hunt someone as a nipper....c'mon, surely...

My Grandad used to walk to school with Norman Wisdom (UK comedian)
and when he served in the army (WWII) he was in the same platoon as David Niven (actor).

Oh yeah, and a mate of mine from college is now into modelling,
and he keeps appearing in adverts on the telly. V. freaky that!!.

It really is a small world.

lol That's about the only thing to do with Adam Faith.
Can't stand that "Budgie" rubbish.
Nice one, shake your Father-In-Law's hand for me next time you see him.

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Errrr I hope that won't be for many years to come,he died 10 year ago :confused: :)

Just remembered I've met Paul Usher (Barry Grant/Des Tavenar),he's gorgeous.
Who else??? Phil Jupitus,Pat Phoenix.
Nobody really exciting though :confused:
/me pulls up ringside seat, takes a large handful of popcorn,
and awaits Marges response..... ;)

edit:- bah!...throws popcorn in the bin, and demands refund on the ringside seat.
Marge is waaaaaay too forgiving hehe :D

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