When i switch users in XP pro it shuts down


21 Jun 2002
i am stumped on this one. when i tell windows to switch users the HDD powers down. when i log off and go into a new user it works fine.

there is nothing in the bios to shutdown the HDD, and services have not been changed in xp, i hvae done a repair, a format and reinstall,
is it possable that the motherboard is messed????

any other ideas,

all tests were done in a controled enviroment and the PSU tests ok, and it was just with windows and updates no other software, no viruses or anything

any ideas????
Well if it only happens when you try and switch users w/out logging off it shouldn't be hardware related so you can rule that out. I would look @ user settings perhaps. At what point during the switch does this happen? Is it as soon as you hit switch users or after you choose another user? Perhaps a corrupted user profile? Anyhoo I'm sure someone will come on in with an answer that'll help. :)
it happens when i pick a new user and when i am logging into t hat user it shuts down the HDD, nothing else i just hear teh HDD spin down, not even on a restart does it spinn down,

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