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15 Feb 2005
So I asked Dave ("Snooklust" on a fishing forum) to go fishing with me yet again...

We have yet to have a truely successful outing... I will explain what I mean: you be the judge...

So the first time I tell Dave we should go fishing was TWO WEEKS after I got my new boat last year... we head over to River Hills Park and begin fishing the Hillsborough River... I head north and drop the troling motor... we begin fishing...

The SECOND TIME I goto use the trolling motor... NOTHING... nada... zilch...

I was thinking did I not charge the batteries? I check... full charge... I check the connections, all good... what could it be? Just bad luck I guess...

Dave catches a HUGE Gar (on purpose he was just seeing if he would bite) thankfully the big beast lets go before he has to try and unhook him...

we have to drift with the hot breeze all around us... I think I caught one little bass, he caught several small ones...

The second trip we have scheduled Dave calls and has to cancel... I decide I will not let that deter me, only to wake up and find the tire on the port side of my trailer flat... not low.. FLAT... on the rim...

So.... fast forward over a year... this past Saturday I had the pleasure of heading out to prefish with Dave on the Harris chain... we put in at Hurlong Park on the south end of Lake Griffin... Griffin is where I caught my monster hog last year which gave me big bass for 2008 and a nice check and 2nd place to boot... so I was hoping for a quality outing...

We had engine problems early on, when there was no oil in the resevoir on the engine... so we finally get that figured out and head for our first spot...
FLYING across the lake:

We head to the same spot that I caught the large female last november... we figure out after over an hour and a half what they want... a lipless crankbait with rattles, cranked almost as fast as you can manage... over the patches of hydrilla

What we got for our efforts:
I was burning my lipless crank when BAM:

This one was between 2.5 and 3 pounds I didnt weigh but figured around 2 and 3/4 pounds... right smack in the middle of the range.

Then I caught something I never caught before:

A tilapia on a crankbait!!!
Another shot:

The bite shut down when we reached the non-windy side of the buggywhips...

So we moved to another spot where I had bites once before...

I got hung up in the Kissimmee grass, and when I pulled the crankbait out of the grass... and then it happened...


Another Shot:

So our day was cut short, two barbs under the skin was more than I cared try and handle myself...

Oh well...

I still say either Dave is bad luck, or I am, or together we have the worst luck possible...

We will test fate again another day...

Mike A!
this story had me hooked the entire way, thanx mike!

ouch.. really BAD *BAD* pun there perris.. :) :p

And Mike, I wouldn't say he's bad luck all the time - just when the two of you try to go fish. :)
ouch.. really BAD *BAD* pun there perris.. :) :p

And Mike, I wouldn't say he's bad luck all the time - just when the two of you try to go fish. :)

Actually I found it to be a very punny response... :laugh:

I'm telling you together we have the worst luck possible... we will beat these bad spirits...


Mike A!
Ouch, looks painful. I hooked my brother once but luckily only by the jumper :suprised:

You look a bit over dressed for a day out fishing, my dad looks like a homeless man in old tatty jumpers and trousers whenever he goes out :laugh:
Ouch, looks painful. I hooked my brother once but luckily only by the jumper :suprised:

You look a bit over dressed for a day out fishing, my dad looks like a homeless man in old tatty jumpers and trousers whenever he goes out :laugh:

LOL it was painful... but I was not overdressed... I am trying to get sponsors to help defray my costs...

If anything I needed to be wearing my hat, so that I look "less homeless"


Mike A!
YYEEEOUCH D00D! :eek: Usually when I'm flyfishing I catch my hat, or tree limb (tree trout), or hear the fly go zipping by uncomfortably close to my ear, or tie a perfect un-untie-able wind knot! :laugh: Just today I had a nice rainbow spit the hook. Once I finally do get one in I think it will be worth about $250, considering license, gas, repeated attempts, etc trying to get it. Nice story, but I think you're gonna need some body armor next time! :p :D
Ouch!! I don't envy your run of luck thats for sure. :)

This reminds me of a fishing episode I had a few years back, In central Saskatchewan, Canada there is a small fishing town called Big River.

They have a nice dock out into the slow moving river that runs along the side of the town. The dock is about 12 feet wide and goes out into the water about 100 feet. It's used for northern recources like fly in air ambulances ( Float Planes ) because they have a hospital in Big River.

Anyway we can't fish year round up here so first weekend in May fishing season opens. We were there one year and the dock had roughly 35 to 40 people standing at docks edge and all trying to get the biggest fish. :)

I remember this one couple was there and the woman was just casting overhead so wildly it was scary, seeing as there were that many people there, I stayed far away from her.. :) So all of a sudden she hauls out gives it another wild overhead cast and the hook goes straight into her husbands shoulder. The husband just sorta groans and halfway falls to his knees, while the wife starts yankin' away at fishing pole wondering where is the stupid hook caught on now. The husband is dieing there with pain and she just keeps yankin' on the line........

Someone had to yell at her to quit it once. Untill she turned around and noticed her had rooked her husband for good that time. :) So they off to the small town hospital and get it removed. And come back a few hour later... We were outta there :D

We have a good laugh at that story every now and then.. Feel sorry for the husband but wow... Some people...
Big Ouch, I know you didn't like the doctor's bill to remove those hooks either, I know your pain, got hooked when trying to remove a hook from a 9 Pound blue catfish last year, but it was in the side of my finger, just pushed it threw, cut it and kept fishing. good luck this year.
Cut it out. Really, just take a good sharp knife and cut it out, pour on some whiskey and them some triple antibiotic ointment, and a bandaid. have a drink of the whiskey, get back to fishing.
@ Steevo... the first hook I could have the second one was in there almost all the way to the bend of the treble.. NO WAY I was cutting it out...

Not to mention if it hadn't been that deep I would have pushed it through and cut the hook off like Lawman mentioned....

Mike A!

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