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When are the 9800xx cards arriving?


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Is it just me, or do the 9800GTX/GTS/GT cards seem to be taking forever to arrive?

I've been waiting ages for a top notch graphics card and I've even got UT3 installed and waiting!

Anyone else itching to get a 9800GTX/GTS/GT card?


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I kind of figured that because of the model numbers you mentioned. Are you very pro nvidia, because the ati 3870 X2 is a very nice card and it's on 1 pcb.

My battle right now is two pronged. I always go mid range and was wondering whether to go with a 8800GS vs 9600GT vs 3870 vs 3850. Also I'm wondering whether or not I even game enough on my pc to even pay that much money for a card.


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No, I'm not against ATi at all. The only problem is that I know very little about ATi cards and which ones are good/bad and what can be expected from the next gen of cards. If someone says to me that a new card is like the leap from a Geforce FX to Geforce 6 then I know what that means, but unfortunately I have no idea what ATi have been up to for the last decade or so!

What's good bang for buck from ATi at the moment then?

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