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Whats your First PC?

Guys, i kinda laugh about my first PC..but it helped me a lot..i finished my thesis on my first PC..

My first ever was bought on 1997:

Pentium1, 166 Mhz
8mb Video S3 trio (PCI)
16mb RAM (SD)
Ess audio drive (AISA)
OS Win95
1gig HD

how about you guys?


I may actually be insane.
I don't really remember much about mine:

Unknown CPU, 100Mhz
8mb System Ram
600mb HDD
Win 95

It was a beast in it's day :p :D


OSNN Advanced
486SX 50MHz
4mb ram
40mb hd
windows for workgroup 3.11/DOS6.2

might be wrong on the hd, but it was very small compared to the 2nd machine i got in 1997

Evil Marge

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I'm still using it

Bought in 2002
eMachines 130
Intel Celeron processor
256 MB ram
60 gig hard drive
Windows XP home



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133mhz (i think)
1.2gb hd
win 95

its funny to think that in less than ten yrs pc's have become so powerful, with those 97 specs usually featuring on small pocket pcs and some cell phones.

evil i assume that was second hand?
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My first computer was either a Commadore 64 or a Tandy of some sorts. My first "real" computer was back in 1997.

IBM Aptiva
AMD 233mhz
32MB Ram
4.5GB HD
Windows 95

I miss that rig... :)


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yeah i guess i could have mentioned my:

Amstrad CPC-464 (i loved this machine)

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Commadore 64


.. Commodore ..
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1998: A Compaq k6 amd. It had 128 meg of ram, a 10 gig hd, a 8 meg video card. That was a fun pc to have. I still remember all the things I did to it to make it crash; then turn around and try to fix it ... Then with windows 98 you could do that.

Admiral Michael

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Can't remember the year but here's the specs:

386 33MHz
20MB HDD (Later added a 500MB HDD)
Creative Sound Card
CDROM (Connected thru Sound Card)
3 1/2 Floppy
5 1/4 Floppy
Win 3.1
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Tandy 1000.

Intel 8088
640 K RAM
2 Floppies 51/4" 360K
Video - color CGA
1 Parallel port
1 serial port
2 joystick ports

Take note that there is NO Hard drive. :)


Overclocked Like A Mother
Haha, found it

Tandy TRS80
YEAR 1980
BUILT IN LANGUAGE Tandy (Microsoft) BASIC interpreter
KEYBOARD QWERTY, calculator type keyboard
CPU Motorola 6809 E
SPEED 0.895 MHz (or 1.79 MHz)
RAM 4 KB (up to 64 KB)
TEXT MODES max : 16 x 32, min : 16 x 8
GRAPHIC MODES Several graphic modes, max : 256 x 192 (with 2 colors)
SOUND 1 voice
SIZE / WEIGHT 36.9 (W) x 34.4 (D) x 9.4 (H) cm
I/O PORTS Tape, RGB, Joystick (2), Monitor, Cardridge, Serial RS232
OS OS-9 Level 1
POWER SUPPLY Built-in power supply unit
PRICE $400

I had regular audio cassettes, using a single speaker type cassette player for saving backups. (As long as the volume was set correctly, which was always a longshot:laugh: )

Also remember having a joystick that didn't center itself when I let go of the stick.

My parents gave it to me as a christmas present about 20-25 years ago.

Wow, has it been that long????



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It was an amstrad cpc464 :D

Size: 565x170x70mm
CPU: Z80
Clock Speed: 4MHz
Memory: 64K RAM with 42K available for BASIC programs, 32K ROM
Video Display: Three modes with full text and graphics mixing: 640x200 (2 colours) 320x200 (4 colours) 160x200 (16 colours) with a palette of 27 colours
Storage: Cassette drive (standard audio cassette)
Interfaces: Joysticks ports (2), Centronic printer port, expansion bus (disk drives), stereo sound output, monitor output
Operating System/s: BASIC on ROM
Input devices: Typewriter-style keyboard with 74 keys including a numeric keypad


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admiral, that was a really interesting site, i have to say i really noticed the total absence all anything amstrad though.

And henyman, me too, first computer i loved it more than life itself, until i chucked it out haha


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IBM something 386
Win 3.1
some ****ty old video card.

Next a 486DX, still have it at home. The processor that is.
16Mb RAM

Next, actually my sisters.
Pentium 1 133
Rage Video card.
Win 95
Oregon Trails and Mech Assault!!!

Next a AMD 350 system pieced togeather. Overclocked til I hit the 400Mhz boundary for early 95. :D Still have the update at home for that.
64Mb RAM
Win 95 still.

AMD 533 @ 560
ATI 7500
256Mb RAM
Early 2 or 4X CD-R
Win 98

Intel 1.4 I think, only had it for a few weeks.
256Mb RAM
Win 98

Intel 1.8Ghz Celery
256 RAM
Win 98
9600 Pro??? it died.

Intel 2.0 celery
Win 98-XP

Sold that and had to fall back to my 2X 200Mhz Pentium Pro server for a couple weeks while I get my new hardware.

Intel 2.8Ghz P4
512 RAM

Kept that for awhile

Now a
AMD 64 4000+ @2.9
X1800XT flashed to XTPE

That is all i remember, there were a few other PC's other than the main one i used.


I'm Beginning Somehow...
Around 1995

Epson AT Turbo Running Dos 6.20 W/ 2D Menu progam.. :)
I think 16mhz,
640Kb Ram,
5.25" & 3.5" floppys,
Seagate 120MB internal hard disk.
2meg ISA Cirrus Logic video card,
14" B&W VGA (Woohoo 16 shades of gray :) )

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