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What's your favourite recovery software?

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
Can you still make images with Ghost off the bootable CD? Last time I tried it, which I think was v9, you had to install it on the computer to make images. You could only do a few things like restore from an image off the boot cd.

Admiral Michael

Michaelsoft Systems CEO
This is true. Altho I still prefer a third-party solution the odd time. I am still on XP so I can't use that. I also prefer something I don't have to install.
I still tend to use PowerQuest Drive Image 7 for most XP imaging. Too bad Symantec had to buy it and essentially replace the internals of Ghost with DI7. I was never quite the same.

I had a bad experience with Acronis (I think it was version 8) so I have avoided it, but I'd like to know what most people are using for Vista and win7 now.
Back then, Drive Image was what I preferred, too. I wasn't aware of Acronis yet. I've been using RAID 0 since 2005 so Drive Image would be out of the question for me; also I don't know if Drive Image would handle today's drive sizes.

Out of curiosity, do you know what it's drive size limits are?

Acronis definitely has quirks, but although I haven't experimented that much nor tried Ghost again since v9, overall I still like Acronis best.

I've been trying the relatively new Acronis Backup and Recovery Workstation for the past week. I like it so far. They FINALLY got away from the annoying (to me) wizard interface where you have to go through every page clicking Next just to get to the page you want to change something on (the comment, for example).

Also there's no more analyzing your drives when it starts up causing such a delay at least with all my partitions and drives.

I haven't tried the brand new Acronis True Image 2010 yet. Anyone else?

magic ghost

OSNN One Post Wonder
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