Whats your favorite Text Editor?


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
3 Mar 2002
Mine is currently Notetab which provides a tabbed interface and tons of features.

I also have a second one I use called editpad. Also tabular however it doesnt remember the last open tabs. I use this as the default txt editor and notetab as my main workbook.
EditPlus and TextPad (only for Java) (EditPlus is better)

Notepad is just ugly
I agree with everyone. :)

Notepad is just plain ugly and feature poor, but I use it 99% of the time. :rolleyes:
It all depends on the purpose you're using it for. I definitely don't use Notepad while programming (I do use it for PHP coding though).
But for some quick plain-text editing, I love its simplicity. There's always WordPad if you want more rich-text features, but I almost never use that.
Windows: Notepad
Mac OS: TextEdit

basically the default editors that ship with the o/s :D
Notepad is basically it... especially for HTML. :)
notepad for me :p ..php and html most of the time...sometimes i use dreamweaver for that kinda stuff...i use notepad for almost everything that are viewable in it..except for those few web page extentions
Another notepad-er. :D
Though, I might have a lookie at those other apps.
Man what if you guys come across a massive file? How could you not use a tabbed editor? use wild card search/replaces?
BSD's ee [easy editor] is the best CLI editor, I use VIM on linux. Graphical text editor on *nix, I like KWrite the best [syntax highlighting is key, helps you see a missing quote]. I use notepad on XP, I just wish it had a line/column number in the status bar.
On Windows ... UltraEdit

On BSD .. ee. It has some quirks though and can't see some characters that vi normally would

On Linux ... elvis or nano
j79zlr said:
BSD's ee [easy editor] is the best CLI editor
I use notepad on XP, I just wish it had a line/column number in the status bar.
go view -> status bar in notepad ;) ... and right on w/ ee

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