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What's wrong with this picture?


Beware the G-Man
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Has jumped to $345.00. See, I told ya. This is the way many do it. Everyone goes ga ga for the item and they start a bidding frenzy. Price goes up to what the seller wants and boom, big price tag at end of sale.


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That's how I always do it, I start everything off at .01 regardless of the value.

Hasn't bit me yet :D
ahh.... I figured that would happen - I was just looking around for some cheap deals last minute to control my christmas lights. Turns out I had a compy just under 1ghz in the attic afterall.

I posted because a few years ago I was watching this laptop that was worth at least 2k go for 150USD - turns out there was fine print stating that you only got the warranty for the one in the specs. I usually miss these things :p



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For $345 plus $99 S/H you can buy the same (maybe better) system from Dell.

I bought a 3.0GHz, 1GB, 80GB system with a 19" flat panel for $449 with free S/H.


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i know thats what usually happends most people that buy from ebay are fools, they think because its used they are getting a good deal, but mostly when you factor in the extortionate shipping rates and the pathetic frenzy at which people will bid up an item and still buy it even if (and it usually is) it is above the actual new price of the item..


Beware the G-Man
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I was on last night lookin at a nice MS Keyboard. I saw two from same seller exact same and the shipping was 3 dollars more for one than the other. Now they were both used but the one with the higher shipping price had a comment of "Excellent condition" and the other did not. Then I go and check on three or four others that this seller has listed. Exactly the same and all those had the higher shipping price. So frickin inconsistent, it just blows.


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I dont get it..

Its a Kool Aid packet... (I get that it is probably empty)

However, what the heck comes with it? That it sold for that much $$$??

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