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Whats wrong with my flatpanel !?

I have a Liteon flatpanel H15ANC. In Windows and all other programs im using 1024x786 @ 75 hz, But the problem is that when i want to play a game. No game will allow me to play at 1024x786 and they all say that 848x??? is my highest possible resolution.
So my games look really ugly and go f*cking slow...

Please help.... :(

XP Abuser

have you loaded a driver that came wit the screen im not sure a bout flat panels if they have drivers just a normal native plug and play driver anyway try that if it dont work report back
lol :D
doesn't look like a good solution to me. Gonna wait for other suggestions. And XP Anuser I'm gonna try to let my flatpanel work with the standard plug and play driver from XP, maybe that will work. Never tried that.

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this is turning oout to be a pain in the ass hold up i gotta rack me brains and ill figure something

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you say that the display is ok in windows but when you play a game it wont go over 844 resolution and what grafix card you got
the display works perfect in windows.

the resolution problem is fixed. I had to use the normal plug&play driver from xp and not a special driver designed for my flatpanel :S

The problem thats still there is that when i launch a game it minimize itself to the taskbar and wont maximize anymore. And 1 game says that i dont have a directx input device. And the directx test fails because it says the test is canceled because you pressed a button. But i didnt!!!

Vidcard: Geforce 2 mx440
Hope you can help me...

XP Abuser

have you got direct x 9 if yes try and remove it and stick 8.1 on or try updating your drivers f need be or reinstall them as they may be damaged

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how do you put an image where your sig is ??



Flat panels are **** for games :/ thnx refresh rate and resolution.. take it back get a 19" CRT!

XP Abuser im using DX 8.1 im using the latest vidcard drivers 40.71 So thats not it :(

To put a pic in your sig:
upload your picture to a web location.
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And Scottish i think your right :( Flatpanels suck for games but i dont want to go back to my old 15 inch crt monitor
yeah fixed all my problems. The resolution problem was fixed when i used the standard plug and play driver from xp and the minimzing to dekstop was fixed by reinstalling directX. Finally i can play my games again. :)

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