What's this crap?


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5 Mar 2002
I'm using FF from work and viewing threads I see this crap... what is it and why am I see it? GET RID OF IT!! :s


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well....if you don't like my posts there's no need to be like that about them - haahahaha, i have had that once or twice, a refresh gets rid of them, normaly
Here's another one, right after I posted this thread


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It's like the freakin' energizer bunny, they keep going and going and going :eek:
Just here. Now when I posted that last post I got this (see attached) and it wouldn't bring me back to the thread.

*whistles and waits for pages to load*


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peer39.checkm8.com - i have seen that addy before, even though its only doing it here i would advise a scan of your pc for spyware and malware
I rarely surf the net at work, it's just a quiet day. Plus I can't install anything that is approved by the company. If it's happened to you I highly doubt it's my PC
Well more importantly since your an admin I believe you shouldn't see ads at all. Although it's possible something got borked and that permission was lost.
Haven't noticed it yet with IE but I only posted once using it
Something I am testing from the admin account sorry J, will prob only appear to guests if and when it goes live.
Thought I was going crazy since I was the only one seeing it
Now I feel left out!! I want to be a guinea pig too ftw!!!
dont think we wanna know what your using to inject him with that

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