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whats the life expectany of a cd writer

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Originally posted by prodj88
???? my other one broke down in a year. is it suppose to be like that???? and does the life expectancy go down if you use it more often.
It all depends on the type and price.
Its usually an easy equation, the more it costs, the longer itl live.
A friend of myns CDRW is still working after about 3 years, but he bought it for 500$ at the time :eek: and its a 4x4x16 drive.
cool. IM NEVER GETING PHILIPS AGAIN. anyway i have a liteon now. its a 48x and it was like 80 bucks i think. i've had it for a year. i hope it can last me 3more years!

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if its broke and dont read right there may be dust on the laser... failing that the motors burnt out

but all depends on how you use it


a career pirates cd-rw will last a year

average bod will be longer
I have an Artec 32x12x48x CD-RW, kinda crappy company, but I've written more then 600 CD's with this, and it's working fine for about a year now :p

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