What's the big idea? Re. refresh rates

Heeey everyone,
With my old rig running a Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb I used to run at 1280 x 960 @ 200hertz. Now I've just built my new one with a nVidia 8800GTS 640mb and I can't go above 85hertz at the same refresh rate without it saying it's out of range!
Running the latest drivers from nVidia, XP Pro 32bit.
Any ideas?
You'll find that the nvidia card believed what the monitor told it about signal format if its a CRT display :)

LCD's do 60 and 75 only.
Maybe the vertical rate is fine but the H rate is out of range. Or the 8800 is outputting a higher v-rate than it's saying it is.

I have a CRT running at 1280x1024@85Hz on my 8800GTS at the moment.

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Why do you need it so high? Our eyes can't see flickering over 60Hz. So setting it to 85Hz should do you fine. If anything I'd think you would kill your monitor, that's alot of refreshing.

And LCDs don't have refresh rates.

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