Whats the best way to clean a TFT screen?


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Not long bought a laptop and just for reference really I'm wondering whats the best way to clean the screen without damaging it?


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Nice soft cloth.
One of those that are meant for cleaning glasses/spectacles will do. (the ones that are like 50 quid for a stamp sized piece :p )


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This spawned a question in my mind, are there any liquid solutions that clean a reglular monitor? A cloth just doesn't cut it..


Water and a well wrung cloth does the job quite well for normal Glass monitors. You only want the cloth to be slightly damp. Not wet.


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Good question that.

Mine is covered with this anti-glare stuff...kinda takes the shine away from the glass...how would you give that kinda monitor the once over?!...some dirty bugger (....me) has put all finger marks on it.

Any ideas?


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Don't use alcohol on an LCD. And don't use glass cleaner on LCD or CRT -- the amonia has horrible long term effects.

LCD screen: super-soft, lint free, damp cloth (cotton balls have been known to work)

CRT: damp, lint-free cloth

Always keep fingers off monitor, it helps to keep things clean.:cool:
There are screen cleaner napkins you can buy. The ones I've seen come in a plastic "can" and are slightly damp with something. They usually work very well.

We have them at school since people never learn keep their dirty fingers of the screens. Some screens almost get so dirty the picture gets warped when you move your head. :eek:

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