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Whats the Best Spyware Removal Software?

Hello everyone,

I have Ad-Aware 5.83 and i have noticed no updates on the software signatures or anything. What is another good program for removing Spyware like Ad-aware?

Thank you for your help

Sincerly Alex



The reason there havn't been many updates is becasue Ad-aware 6.0 will be comming out soon. It is in beta now.
Thank you everyone for your help.. this looks pretty neat, ill give it ago and wait until Ad-Aware 6 Offical comes out :)

Thanx once again :)

Sincerly Alex


Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
I have heard horror stories from the former administrator at the lavasoft board, coyote, and also from one of the moderators that I hold in the highest regard, tony klein.

I am very concerned with and about the supposed adaware 6

everyone here knows there has been no bigger supporter of this great company then myself.

however, the abandonment of their constitituents has been irresponsible, hasn't it

also, the alleged 6

there is no beta, ther is no alpha.

if 6 really is released forthwith, the users will be unwilling beta testers.


hmm.. good point Dealer...

but maybe they're just having a little hiccup.. i have been pleased with the performance of the older versions of Ad-Aware series (apart from the no updates).. but they used to be up to date and really supportive and was able to remove most spyware.. i dont think they would abandon it all like that...

Maybe your right tho.. i havent seen any alpha versions or beta versions of the software.. but was there any alpha versions or beta versions with the past versions of ad-aware?

You gotta respect there past work with the program, like i said, they were able to remove most spyware from the systems

Sincerly Alex

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
alex, who is axel...let's hope you are tright.

was all falter...some of us right ourselfs.

adaware has always been a mitzva to the computer comunity...let's hope they return the their great reputatuin


SpyBotSD - I keep reading about this and have finally downloaded it and will be installing it and trying to figure it out since I am off for the next three days and will have some free time! 3 days should be enuf time for even an old man to figure it out - any hints from you experts???;)

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
u will b fine, dy

create a restore

make sure you read all the red findings...the program explains the entr...most of these, i like, and do not delelte.

and also, for this program to work, you need to send that letter off to norton.


no kidding

had to get that in here...maybe ice won't see it:p


Thanks for the hints dealer and BTW - am waiting to hear from Waddy (in regards to permission to use NTFS) before I send the letter off.

I don't think we'll sneak this past Iceman:eek:

See - he's faster than I am!:cool:

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