Whats the best downloading program out there?

Whats the best downloading program out there (for music)

i have used many types and i know you guys usually have a good variety or items and that so whats the best ??

i just want to download some music and what not, maybe some videos, or it, because i watch MTV vid's all the time and some a great :cool:


The Analog Kid
1) lets not talk about what we download (unless it's legal)
2) why is this in Console Gaming?
3) when I saw the thread title, I so wanted to reply, "The Interweb"


Dabba Dooba
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I think he wants peer 2 peer programs and i am sure i have givin him plenty of options of programs but i wont give him anymore since me and him aint talkin anymore. Since he was tryin to start crap with my gf about me goin to a lil shindig with girl there so he got all wacked out so i said next time he starts crap i am gonna beat his ass.

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