What's the best, cheap High Speed DSL ISP??

SPeedY_B said:
Telling us where you are would help. :)

where they are is the application forum...

just try your local phone company, they own the lines, and since they don't have to pay lease on them, they are usualyl a few bucks cheaper.
In FRance, the cheapest isp is Free Telecom, 30 euros (38$) for 2048/384 :)
i don't mean to derail the thread, but this cought my attention ;)


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Off Topic: Now that is funny... Best Cheap High... made my day
Phishhead A.k.A. Adobo said:
I use SBCdsl and its only 26.99 for 1.5 down 256 up.

Me FreeAdsl, 29.90 euros (almost the same price as you in dollars), 2.4 down and 384 up :)
Phishhead A.k.A. Adobo said:
I use SBCdsl and its only 26.99 for 1.5 down 256 up.
I read that is the price for the 1st 3 months, then the price goes up to $50 a month.
Thanks for the replies.
Bump for more info.
SPeedY_B said:
I can't believe you give a ****. :rolleyes:

at what point in time did you get the impression I did???

I seriously just couldn't belive that nobody did seening how **** retentive some people used to be here.

jesus howling wolf, I'm truely in envy, I am paying a rediculous $40/month for 384/128

man, why is the **** of **** retentive edited, clearly not a swear word. This almost ironic, **** is anally censored.
That $26 deal is for 1rst time DSL subscribers, requires a one year contract, and I guarantee it will go to $50 at the end of that year. SBC did this s h i t 4 years ago, a year after I signed up.

On the bright side. I haven't had a single problem with my speed or connection in over 3 years.

DSL will cost $40-50 a month long term. Most likely $50. Cable can be had as low as $35 if you get lucky.

Checkout http://www.dslreports.com/ for service quality, pricing and availability in your area.

PS I love defeating the bad word filters, though it isn't much of a challenge...

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