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Whats the best Antivirus Software?


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I have always used norton and have always been happy with it, i'm buying the Antivirus for my company only 5 people here, is norton corp edition overkill for this or is there a better solution and if so who?


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In the past have used Norton and Macafee and I have had no regrets in binning them.

Very happily using AVG 7 Pro, not a hog in resources, I guess its horses for courses :)


if by "best" you mean..
1. the only antivirus in the world thats never missed an in the wild virus in the last 6 years
2. the lowest system footprint (ram/cpu) its un-noticable its on your system:)
3. the fastest scanning engine
4. the antivirus that microsoft labs use themselves, and recently renewed its licence
5. the ONLY antivirus that detected Sasser/msblast etc before its definiotions were updated (ADVANCED HEURISTICS) ;)

then theres only 1 choice


my 2nd choice - F-prot
my 3rd choice - avg

all are very light on system, and very good... just nod32 has a clear advantage:)

if you dont mind your system running slow and crap, then kaspersky or f-secure are very good, but make a fast pc, feel like an antique ;)
but why do that when u can have something much lighter, faster and stronger?

nod rox

whatever you choose, steer clear of norton.. :rolleyes:
I'm a recent convert to NOD32 and I'm very impressed with it.
Used to have Symantec Corp 9 before that, and I found that NOD32 was able to detect some test trojans that easily made it past SAV.
_kC_ said:
if by "best" you mean..

2. the lowest system footprint (ram/cpu) its un-noticable its on your system:)
and how much system resources does this so called "best" AV use??

Been using Samantec Antivirus Corporate 9 for some time now as it is free through my university.


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My company uses Norton corporate edition. Our 2 person IT department (I'm not in that department) is overworked and probably saw it as a program they didn't have to invest much time updating. We have about 40 individuals on the network and 35 remote stores communicating with us over VPN's using DSL lines. With all those users, many of whom are idiots when it comes to computers, they felt they needed something dependable.


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Symantec's Corp AV has always been a very good product, but their personal AV has been shakey since NAV 2002. I've seen it just disable itself, with no warning to the user, Live Update gets corrupted and doesn't make that aware to the user, etc. I was a long time NAV user and supporter, but I just think their product's quality has declined significantly in the last 2-3 years.


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For the most part, if you just lay off the clicky-happy-syndrome while surfing, you'll be fine. If that doesn't work, I'd go with any free antivirus ... AntiVir, Avast, AVG. In the end, some internet common sense can go a long long way. I personally haven't had a virus infection for a few years now.


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I would also aggree with AVG 7 Free. I've been using that for a while now and no problems or complaints..

However.. I work at a hotel that is hooked up to a chain and corporate will not let me use AVG.. (Not certified) What I use instead is Norton AV Corporate edition. This is the only AV that they will accept..

So.. I have 2 votes
AVG 7 Free -- For personal use
Norton AV Corp -- For Corporate or mulit computer hooked to a VPN


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i use norton antivirus 2004.. should i use a diffrent one. no one has even mentiond it hehe. i do like nod32 but it doesnt update by itself does it.
sraycoz said:
i do like nod32 but it doesnt update by itself does it.
Sure it does. In fact, with the default settings it checks for updates every hour, and definition updates are delivered much more often than with Norton's LiveUpdate service.
I get new definition almost everyday, sometimes multiple times a day. Norton/Symantec LiveUpdate would deliver updates only on Wednesday of every week, and sometimes on weekends.


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Does nod32 operate like kaspersky 5 which I use ? i.e. does it have a bloodhound sort of real time scanner and a outlook email plugin to check mail ?
indyjones said:
Does nod32 operate like kaspersky 5 which I use ? i.e. does it have a bloodhound sort of real time scanner and a outlook email plugin to check mail ?
Not sure how Kaspersky is organized, but NOD32 has the following modules:

AMON – the resident (running in operating memory at all times) or "on-access" antivirus monitor. This program is the most crucial antivirus defense tool.
NOD32 – (also referred to as the "on-demand" scanner) this is the scanner executed manually by the user, or automatically by the scheduler.
IMON (Internet MONitor) - this scanner provides the first line of defense by monitoring Internet traffic (POP3 protocol for e-mail, other protocols e.g. HTTP, FTP are planned to be added)
DMON (Document MONitor) - this scanner provides protection from macro viruses in MS Office documments, works with applications utilizing MS Antivirus API (e.g. MS Office 2000 and higher, Internet Explorer 5.0 and higher)
EMON (Email MONitor) – this scanner provides protection from email-borne viruses for MAPI compatible mail clients (MS Outlook installed in Corporate mode)

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