Whats the Best AD-Blocker?


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Apr 19, 2002
Alrighty - for stopping pesky pop-up's i have Google toolbar, but thats another thread, what im looking for is a good, preferably freeware, Ad-blocker.

Especially one which will stop the most annoying of all ads, the shockwave (.swf) ads on specific sites.

Any ideas peeps?


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Jun 19, 2002
i use the adblock extension for firebird and it blocks ads, including swf ads :D


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Jan 20, 2003
i use the google pop up blocker
blocks about 99% of them
goto google.com
then services and tools
then the google toolbar
and once its installed just turn the blocker on and its all done nomore popups
i forgot what popups are


BR to Some
Apr 19, 2002
Celticfan, i was asking about advert blockers on the page as opposed to popup blockers, for which there is another thread.

Anyhoo, i mentioned I already use Google toolbar.

Thanks anyway.

Hows life in the Scottish Protection League these days anyway, you boys not ready to go bust yet and let a good team like Falkirk FC up? ;)


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Jan 12, 2004
What is it with thread resorection lately ?? It is like everybody is digging for them ..

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Jun 14, 2004
Admiral Michael said:
Ahem, this thread is over two years old. :p
Well, you are the one who resurected it ;)

Not so bad though... As adverts have had a pesky tendency to evolve, and many of the type ads of 2 years ago, aren't the most pesky things today...

I point this out, because a popup blocker is now standard in both IE and Mozilla/Firefox, etc... Popups, (which some did mention), just aren't the biggest problem anymore, with this being bundled in the browsers themselves. Flash ads are the new annoyance, and flash ads (without having to remove flash altogether), is the new thing needed to get around these things. There are also some others...

Needless to say, back several years ago, I found an answer (or should I say someone posted it online). Proxomitron was under development until about 1-1.5 years ago, and worked wonders. It all happened, when one day I was visiting the Sci-Fi channel bboards, and this stupid ****ing cell phone ad came up. It was also about like 3 am or some odd hour, and the thing would *ring, ring* through my speakers, loud enough to wake people up... I live in an apt mind you, and that when I click on a page, no thank you :down: Yeah, I turned the speakers off then, but was also rather annoyed ;)

So someone suggested it, and hadn't seen any ads, well until several months ago actually. Even after it fell out of development (a retired project now), it took time for advertizers to catch up, and then the stinken flash ads.

Now, I've added the Mozilla/Firefox ad block plugin, albeit it of course doesn't work in IE, on top of the thing. And depending on the site, I need both browsers. Also managed to block those strange green links that appear on various sites from appearing also...

All said, the problems with adware now, are not what they were 2 years ago, as many of the problems from back then are much more common to block at present... New solutions, are needed to counter the unfortunate inovations added to ads themselves...
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