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What's a good recomended BIOS editor for ATI video cards?


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What's a good recomended BIOS editor for ATI video cards? i've seen a couple, but before i mod my bios, i want to make sure its a good well known "reliable" editor, especially since its my video card we are talking about!


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Depends on what you want to do.

RaBit is good for changing basic configuration of cards, memory size, Vivo options, default speeds, etc... And for hardcore coders a Hex editor is best, change config flags, substrate fuse data, whole ident strings.

To be honest there are some good people who will do your BIOS for you over at Techpowerup. And will help answer questions, and proveide better insite to modding you card.


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cool thanks, i have Rabit, i just wanted to get some other opinions before i started altrering, i just wanted to make sure i didnt try altering a bios with a "buggy" program. Ya, ive seen a couple bioses over at techpowerup, ive modded my GTO and im just tired of always having to set ATI tools to Overclock my videocard, i just want to make it permenant, ill just go from stock 400 to 550, even though i can do 620 on the GPU. X800 GTO by the way!

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