What're people watching these days?


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I feel that with JPPs demographics there's probably a pretty heavy concentration of you watching Heroes. What do you all think of that?

I know comic book people that berate it simply because they feel NBC drama is weakly written.

OR how bout 24...anyone watching season 6?
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I'm watching Scrubs, The Office, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report.

When LOST and Battlestar Galactica start again, I'll be watching those.

Heroes was lame this season and couldn't hold my interest past episode 1.


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My DVR watches a lot, House, Heroes, Notes from the Underbelly, Ugly Betty, Nip Tuck, ER, Chuck (the list goes on...)

I, however, need to spend some time with my DVR. Last time I sat down in front of it the thing yelled at me for letting it get so fat. Never knew the silly thing had feelings!


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I tend not to watch TV much anymore, instead I just watch DVDs as and when I find time. At the moment I'm watching Simon Scharma's History of Britain which is awesome, and also a whole load of my brother's Simpsons DVDs which are obviously brilliant!

I also watched The Snowman, A Muppet Christmas Carol and the Extras Christmas Special this week - all of which are great.


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im the same as ray.. not much time so dvd's only :)

lately i've been watching sopranos (still missing the last season :p), dexter, rome and the wire

i wanna see planet earth.. but im waiting to check in hd :D


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Heroes was lame this season and couldn't hold my interest past episode 1.
It did finally get better about midway through the season.. the problem is with the writers strike, the season was cut in half.

The writers/producers themselves admitted mistakes on the first half of this season with bungled character intro's and slow plot development.. and they did make it better in the last half of the season.

PUSHING DAISIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Easily the best new show of the season.
It is one of the best new shows out there. Again, with the writers strike and not a lot of shows to display in reruns, I worry about the future of this show and my concern is that it will go the way of Bryan Fullers other excellent shows (ie: Dead Like Me, Wonderfalls - both great great shows that were cut before their time and would highly recommend anyone that likes Pushing Daises to go grab a DVD of Wonderfalls and the first season of Dead Like Me)


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Family guy mostly

the news

prison shows on MSNBC that go inside the prision system and all that

i dont watch much tv other then that cause i work 3rd shift and go to school

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