What would you say this is comparable to?


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So my system is running a GF4 Ti4600. I was wondering if anyone knew what this might compare to in the GF FX series, performance-wise. I'm looking at upgrading just about every part of my system, but a new graphics card raises the price quite a bit, if I look at getting another top-of-the-line.

So what is it, folks? Better than a 5200? 5600? or am I running completely inferior hardware now? ;)

Any info/links to benchmarks/etc. is appreciated. Thanks guys!

Hold onto the Ti4600 for a while longer... wait until the next gen of cards come out based on nVidia's NV40, and ATi's R420...

But if you had to buy now, I'd go for a Radeon 9600 Pro


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Jestermask said:
...So my system is running a GF4 Ti4600. I was wondering if anyone knew what this might compare to in the GF FX series, performance-wise...
I believe the Ti4600 performs close, more or less, to about the standards of a FX5700, me thinks. Maybe FX5600. ;)


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I think it's always best to stick with the one you got already if it's fairly new and skip a generation or two before you get a new one.
I wouldn't replace my Ti4200 with the FX series that is currently on the market as I can't see any major benefits of them over the Ti series. Obviously there are benefits, but is it really worth a few hundred bucks?


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Thanks everyone. From the sounds of the advice, I'll just hang onto the card I have now. Should last me for a while longer, so that'll save me some money. :) Thanks for the help!

The only time you will have to replace your current Ti4600 is if you decide to play more DirectX 9 intense games.

If that happens you'll have to go for at least a Radeon 9600 Pro or higher Radeon

or GeforceFX 5700 or higher nVidia

just to get better than what you got.

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