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What would you say is the best mobo/cpu combo

wanna get everyonez opinion on what would be the best mobo/cpu combo
keep in mind im gonna wanna o/c with it to
lets keep it to amd systems please..

so what do you guys..and girls..think what would be the best?
What price range? AMD 64 ($400-600) or XP ($100-200).
Budget end or top end?

As for overclocking forget it unless you want to go cheap (low 2000 ratings) and hope you get a good CPU. All the AMD stuff out there now is max'd on clock speeds within a few percent, not worth overclocking.
what do you think would be the best o/c mobo for a athlon xp..i got a athlon xp 2400+ right now thoroughbred i can probably get the number off the chip if u want me to..if u cud let me know if its onna the o/c'ers or jus another chip..jus need to knw which number it would be that you need..


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via k8t800pro/socket 940 now... 939 when it comes out... for mobo...

cpu == fx-53 :cool:

btw athlon64 boards ARE great :D


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new via kt880 or nf2.. I prefer the via dual channel solution since it offers more stock and is slightly faster than the nf2 solutions...

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nforce2 chipset (i'm using an msi K-delta or something) and a 2500+ barton mobile. the mobile chips all have unlocked multipliers, run at lower voltage, lower heat. so they overclock nicely.

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...
I'm waiting to build a serious rig 'till PCI express comes out, then it'll probably be nforce3 of some flavor, AMD64, and hopefully the nvidia 16 pipelines of fraggin goodness next gen card

gimme SATA DVD-rw drive and SATA HDDs in RAID 0
As of right now, about the best overclocking board I've been seeing is the Albatron KX18D-ProII. As odd as it sounds, pretty much every review I've seen has basically said this board overclocks like no other. One site got an AthlonXP 2500+ up to 2449Mhz (223x11) on air cooling, which is pretty impressive. the only thing I don't like about the board is that with long AGP cards, the cards will overlap the retaining clips for the DIMMS... Also, the ATX power supply header is below the CPU and to the left, causing the cables to run over the CPU heatsink.. My roommate is building a computer tomorrow with one so I'll chip in with some info on how it goes. should be interesting to see, but I've seen nothing but rave reviews for the board, and at $96 on both Newegg & Zipzoomfly, it's a great deal.

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