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What would you do with a million dollars?

Remember that dumb question that your high school guidance councilor would ask every damn year? Well, now NTFS'ers can know your true dreams and wishes.

What would I do with a million dollars?

Besides two chicks at the same time and absolutely nothing...

Build a linux cluster and do whatever the hell I like.

A Lamborghini Diablo GT


A Saleen S7


Id work real hard to turn it into 2 million fast as I could cause I know the govt is gonna take 40% off the top. ;)


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Originally posted by punkandacoke

What would I do with a million dollars?

Besides two chicks at the same time and absolutely nothing...

Definately not a fantasy of mine

I'd make sure my daughters got the best education that million could buy... this way when I'm old and feeble (no wise cracks from the peanut gallery on that one), they would be making mucho $$ to take care of me :D


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1 Million Dollars... hmmmmm... Buy a house, a motorcycle (brand new Yamaha R7... NO, not an R1 :D), pay off all my bills, buy a 1957 Chevy Belair convertable and do it up my way. :D

Oh, and invest whatever's left over. :p
I'd do the obvious and make sure me and mine were looked after both now, and in the future. Then with the remainder.............

Work as and when I choose, not in order to keep my head above water.

Oh and most definitely....see the world.
Sure it's cliched, but who wouldn't?
I'd also buy a huge yacht, and bum around the oceans of the world -
perpetually stoned :rolleyes: :D ;)

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