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What would you change about these specs.


Blame me for the RAZR's
Finaly have specs for new computer need one last look over.

Look at end of thread.

Thanks in advance.
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For the CPU, I believe that the Venice core is preferred to the Winchester.

Case, whatever works. I'd look for features such as removable drive bays (so much nicer) and the like.

PSU, 450+ Watts should be decent enough.
Two 6600s wouldn't be a bad idea. Have you checked on the monetary efficiency of buying a single high-end part? Not that I have; I'm just suggesting looking at a few benchmarks of SLI 6600s and comparing them to that of a single 6800. Plus it gives you the option to go dual-6800s later if you REALLY wanted to crank the speed.
ditch the 3500, get a 3000 venice for 100 less and overclock it to at least 3300. if it won't overclock, oh well, 500 mhz is negligible.

You really need to think about the sli thing. is buying 2 cards worth it, really? sli is finicky, game dependent on improvement, and requires nvidia to produce new drivers for each new or old game supported (crossfire has its disadvantages too). 6800 gt might be a better way to go until next years upgrade. Or do the gigabyte 2 gpu on one card deal.

there is an antec true power 420? that should cover you. very robust.

I don't do cases. theyre just tin boxes to hold the good stuff.

why not water cooling? i have not seen anyone in here take the plunge yet (pun intentional).

why only 36 gig on the hd? and are you sure you want a 10,000 rpm vacuum cleaner/bomb in your system?


Blame me for the RAZR's
i was thinking about the 6800, would ultra be worth it? What is this about the Venice core chip that would make it better? and i choose the 36 gigs because the 76gigs would make it 150 more... I have 600 plus space on the file server and this comp will allways be around it.


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok what you guys think of these instead

BFG Tech BFGW68256GTOCXV Geforce 6800GT 256MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI-Express x16 Video Card - Retail link Price= 385

Antec TRUE550 ATX 550W Power Supply 115/230 V UL, TUV, CB, VDE, FCC CLASS B, DEMKO, NEMKO, SEMKO - Retail LinkPrice= 96

AMD Athlon 64 3500+ Venice Integrated into Chip FSB 512KB L2 Cache Socket 939 Processor - OEM LinkPrice= 275

Total so far w/out shipping = 1340

Now im not sure about this CPU i dont mind overclocking a bit but im worried it wont work great. the 3700 looked intresting too..
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I'd say the OCZ Powerstream 420W PSU or greater. I love mine. It's very nice, has the 24 pins, as well as it has dual video card or HD molex lines. And the powerstreams have enough amps on the 12v to make it nice overall.

Oh and Venice definitely.

And I'm sure you could find an OEM 74.6GB Raptor for less than $241


Blame me for the RAZR's
And I'm sure you could find an OEM 74.6GB Raptor for less than $241
thats for 2 :) im going to run the in raid 0

its 25 more for the 550 . the only question i have is would the 550 wayy consume more power than the 420 or is it all based on componet usage? have a monthly power bill hehe.

and would it be worth it adding 1 gig more ram?
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PSU... Go got Antec NeoPower 480W.. You don't really need 550W.

EDIT: it won't use eat more power unless you have components that requires that much. Most machines shouldn't consume more than 380W I think.


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yeah... the page file gets way too big. :( Don't like the idea of having a 2-4GB pagefile sitting on my drive.

My system is only using around 500-600MB currently... My system was running smoothly with 1GB, but even smoother with 2. hehe ;)

EDIT: actually, I think the 1mb cache makes a bit of a difference... I don't really need the 2GB ram with 1mb cache on my cpu. Wasted the money on the 2GB to be honest.


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For case, go for anything with 120mm fans. Having at least one for intake and another for exhaust is a must for hot components, and can really help to elevate those noise issues. Style-wise, there's a large number of varities you can choose.

Antec are a very good company to go for, and Coolermaster produce a very cheap case with 120mm fans (or go for the Stacker, but that's pretty big!). I think some people consider the design to be pretty important aspect of the rig, so just choose one you like the look of. Also, a roomy case might help when building the comp from the ground-up.

I have a simple Antec on the other comp, it hasn't failed me yet. If you want a different choice, there's always the Tagan, but it has quite a lot of cables you might not need :)


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3700+ more expensive.. :p

oh, can't believe the 3500+ SD is cheaper than venice AND winchester in dabs.com... now it's gone up, but still cheaper slightly.


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here are a couple cases.
My only problem with this thermaltake is that is has a fan on the side pointing at the cpu, which goes against the flow of the cpu fan it would be better if it was lower over the video card.
This one looks amazing and has great airflow
I don't realy like the looks of this one, I'm not a fan of the lights, but the case is great, and it comes with a nice powersupply
You basically want a case that has good intake and exhaust, usually 120mm in the front and back.

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