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What would a layman think of this rig?


There is no answer!
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AMD 2400XP 2.01Ghz
40GB Hitachi 7200rpm HD
LG 52x Write/read CDR
512mb 3200 MEM
Gigabyte Nforce 2 mobo
Msi Nvidia 5600XT 128Mb v/card
Wireless Mouse and Keyboard
Winxp Home sp2

Would that system seem pretty good?

They previously had this
1.4ghz celeron
256mb, no name dont know speed mem
30gb hd
1mb onboard v/card
cd writer
wired keyboard mouse
generic mobo
winxp sp1

Would the first spec be a big step up for them do you think?
I think he means too much to deal with using 2 drives. That requires more than layman skill level.

His perceived speed should be significantly (3-4x) improved (celeron sucks) between the XP proc and extra RAM. The 5600 is weak if he intends any serious gaming.

If no gaming that should put a smile on his face. :)

One question. Why only a 40 gig drive? 80 gig go for the same price now.
well they can raid the drives the computer will see them as one :D
but of course it's a good righ/update i mean from intel to amd

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