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What was the first concert you attended?

My dad took me and my sister to see Helen Reddy in concert when I was 10. (back in the 70's:eek: ) By far, the best time I ever had at a concert was when I saw Eric Clapton at the Memorial Coliseum in Portland, OR.

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Tall Paul @ Gatecrasher 2000

But I have been to an event here in the UK called "Music in the air" where aircraft are choreographed by music led by Lloyd Webber (not the really famous one - some violinist) , I was bored to tears.


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Hmm, can't remember how old I was but I went to see Bad Company with my older sister and her friends. Oh man, I'd never been so freaking stoned :D Smoked on the bus from NJ to MSG (Madison Square Garden) in NYC, what a blast :D
First concert was the "Sugarcubes" in Orlando at a club called Visage. Then it was Front 242, Ministry, Moby and Prodigy in 1992 at a club called Brassy's in Melbourne, FL (the first underground club in Florida).
my first concert was Pearl Jam in 1994 at the MidSouth Coliseum in Memphis, TN........then I saw Blues Traveler, Lenny Kravitz and Dave Matthews Band in Memphis at the HORDE Festival in 1997...and then I saw Creed in 2000 in Memphis at The Pyramid....I haven't seen many...but I have seen some good ones...:)


Great Big Sea ...2001....very first one and I loved it. What a party that was, it was outdoors but it was awesome.

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Originally posted by Iceman
AC/DC 1981 I think or 80, was stoned then and still stoned now, they were so loud I didn't hear anything for the next two days.

Saw them on the For those about to rock tour LOUD YOU SAY!!!!

the coolest thing was the canons blasting during the song "For those about to rock" man talk about ground shaking!!!

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