What was the fastest Slot1 available?


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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

I have a Slot1 sitting on a burned out mobo in front of me. No stickies on the CPU either. Bud who owns machine tells me he was told it is a PIII733. I didn't think Slot1's made it past PII. What was the fastest slot1 available?

Well, lo and behold.

Just saw a PIII800 Slot1 for sale in Ebay. Still can't find the fastest one available, though

yeah, there were slot 1 p3's

think the 733 was the last "mainstream" one. By then socket 370 was getting fairly popular with the need for larger fans.
Yeah, my desktop at home has a Slot1 PIII 550MHz. That was the "Katmai" core. :)

And actually, the fastest available Slot1 Pentium III processor is the 0.18 micron 1.00 GHz one. It runs on a 133MHz FSB and has 256K of L2 cache.
Intel also did manufacture one that runs on a 100MHz FSB.

So yeah, basically 1.0GHz is the highest it'll go to.
1Gig Slot1,

That is new to me. Thanks NetRyder

Yeah there were some slot 1 P3 at 1gig but they did not make a lot of them. I miss the old slot one days (well kinda) I had a P3750 that would over clock to 1 gig. Man I thought I was big time with that rig :D

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