What was that IE resize fix again?


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1 Mar 2004
A while back I asked about how to fix an IE resize problem as when I opened IE the IE window was very small (opening small all the time). Someone suggested a registry fix for this which worked great. Another fix was to close the IE window while holding down the shift key.

Can someone tell me that registry fix again?
right click on your IE shortcut
properties / run / maximized
apply / ok

The registry fix your thinking of is:

1) Close IE.

2) Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Main

3) Delete Window_Placement

4) Open IE.

I don't have such a key in the registry...
Any other solution ? Msn irritates me to open non maximized windows...:(
You can open the window, resize it, and close it immediately after doing so. Reopen the window and it should open to the new size.
omg muzikool thanks!!! ur way works .... i didn't know you had to close it quickly!
hey im not banned anymore. i just reaqlized that b/c it actually posted this time!

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