What video card are you using with Vista?


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I put together a complete new computer for Vista (just playing it safe - still have my XP machine to use until most of the bugs are worked out of Vista).
I used an Intel DG965WH motherboard because it has onboard video and that saved me the cost of buying a video card to start with. I had plans and still do of using an add in video card. Just wondering what video cards people that have Vista are using.

My Vista system:

Vista Ultimate
2 X 1 GB DDR2 667MHz RAM
P4 630 (Only for a couple of more months. I'll be buying a C2D E6700 when prices are dropped in second quarter.)
Onboard video and sound for now (haven't even hooked up speakers yet.)
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I have an eVGA 256MB NVIDIA GeForce 6800GT in my desktop, and a 256MB ATI Mobility Radeon X1400 in my Tablet.
Both are PCI-e cards.


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Wow! 5950 Ultra.... I thought that I was the only one that still had one of those.

Are the 8800's the only cards that are having driver issues with Vista?

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All cards have issues with an OS at some point, As far as the 8800's I hear they are running fine, strange huh ?

All games on all cards ar going to have a fair number of problems but it wont be one card or one game, it will be like this for 6 month's and it will settle, If you want to game then you need to wait a while with Vista , or put up with the normal problems.


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Not much of a gamer... I have CFS2, FS9, and FSX but I don't have any of them on the computer with Vista. Even if I did play a lot of computer games I have a computer with XP and a 7800GTX.

Hhmmm.... Maybe I'll move the 7800GTX to the Vista computer and buy an 8800GTX for the XP machine (right after I hit the lottery! :rolleyes: )


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As stated in sig.

I have no problem running vista so far. However, if this can be associated to to the graphics card (after all the complaints in relation to gaming) then, yes, I'm having a hard time trying to play my favourite CSS on it.


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Not to be too OT, but how the heck is your system that high? Did you OC your CPU?
Ha, no. My lowest score was 5.4 * for the 4GB of RAM (which shows up as 3.25GB in the 32-bit OS, but at least my applications run). I scored a 5.5 for my CPU. 5.9 for my WD Raptor X RAID 0 configuration. Here are the scores in color.

* I scored the same on 64-bit with all 4GB of RAM being visible.


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That is still an unusually high CPU score, but good for you.

I get a 5.9 for my Raptor running without RAID, woo.


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Intel 915GM on my laptop...total crap...I've a 1.0 in the experience thing just cuz Intel won't make WDDM drivers for the chipset :(:(

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