what vid card shoud i get??

ok i have been doing a massive upgrade that basicaly makes my pc a differnt one, so far i have an amd 2000+ xp, 512DDR (pc2700) 3x 40gb 7200rpm, LG 16x dvd, LG 32x CDRW, 350w power supply, and an aopen ak7 mobo(not the best i know) and an soud blaster adugy gamer. waht video card it better is what i want to know, i am looking at the gforce 4 ti 4200 eaither my MSI or ASUS, there are both of nvidias favroits acording to them but who is better or is it a smarter idea wo wait untill the FX comes out?? and if it will be near the same price as the 4200's? any ideas on what one i should get??


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Sweet rig:) Make sure that power supply can keep up. The 4200 is a great card but why stop there. It looks like you want a power rig by your specs. So I would say go for a TI4600 or better yet an ATI9700. If you look around you can find some real good deals. The FX should be around at the end of the month.
Oh yeah the FX will not cost anywhere near the price of the 4200.
I wish:huh:
ok the main reason why i am going for the 4200 is basicaly becuase of the price i can get it is, right now because of everything else this year i am now low on funds and they are comming in really really slowlyLOL

alowance lol


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It can be sure that 4200 will not cost anywhere near Geforce FX . Probably ( if no funds problems ) - so my opinion about this upgrade is to wait until vidcard based on Fx chip will come out .. and watch out for the brand .. of course :confused:


i have a Gainward 4200 128 meg Golden Sample and it does everything i need it to ...O/Cing is so easy ...run it at the max

its also quite cheap

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ok on the video card is it better to have heatsinks on the ram if you are not going to over clock it, because the ones that i can get dont have heat sinks on them, eaither the msi or asus, they are the only ones around here that are aviable to me at the moment.


i think online is absolutely the best way to buy products for the pc ...but does require you to do a little homework ...only ever had 1 problem and my fault because i didnt check them out ...my lawyer cleared the matter up in a matter of hours ...was lucky to have a cousin who's a lawyer tho :)


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I would have recommended getting the 9500pro as it is the best card in terms of performance to price ratio and it costs as much as a ti 4200...

but since you don't like ati products.. I would say go ahead with the ti 4200.... preferably the SE version which has higher clocks stock and also has agp 8x support... costs a bit more


Check out the card that I have listed in my specs. I got it from newegg.com for around $170.00. This card is great! Check out a review here... http://www.pcstats.com/articleview.cfm?articleID=1226

Seriously, I usally don't gush about vid cards but this card is the most bang for the buck that I have EVER seen produced from a 'budget card' category. Albatron already serves up this Turbo for the Ti4200 at increased performance of the standard ti4200's. They do this by adding heatsinks and a huge cooler. On top of that, I have overclocked this with absolutely no glitches and completely stable to Ti4600 levels. I am not kidding here...you will get Ti4600 levels at a 4200 price. That review is by far not the only review praising this card (and Albatron).

Look into it.


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burpster's gainward 64mb 4200 is a very fast card (almost 4600 speed) once overclocked... and quite cheap, too. perfect if having 128mb isn't important to you.

but if it is, then sure you could buy a sooped-up 4200, but they (like that albatron turbo) cost almost as much as some cheap 4600's.

9500pro is a little cheaper than super-4200's and has dx9 support. about as fast as a 4400. good deal. don't get the non-pro 9500 like heath3n suggested, though... it's not nearly as good.
Originally posted by taurus
[ don't get the non-pro 9500 like heath3n suggested, though... it's not nearly as good. [/B]
If you had taken a second to look at my link instead of just spouting off you would have seen what I meant. Agreed...as a 9500 it is not near as good as the rest of the cards mentioned,,,but unlocked...it performs better than any of the cards listed. It is on the same Graphics board as an ATI 9700. Riva tuner unlocks the 9500's potential and essentially turns it into an unclocked 9700.


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i apologize... i read it, but i misinterpreted it. :eek:

why that would be possible is beyond me. why would ati bother to build the 9500's with the extra pipelines and not use them? seems like it would have been smarter to truly leave them out and save money and make the cards cheaper.

but, whatever. if you can get a 9700 at 9500 price, go for it.
Originally posted by taurus
why would ati bother to build the 9500's with the extra pipelines and not use them?

but, whatever. if you can get a 9700 at 9500 price, go for it.
Well my opinion would be that they needed some lower end cards to provide affordable competition against the geoforce 3s & 4s. So they just used the same board and closed off some pipelines. I believe the 9500s and 9700 did not come out until after the 9700 pro. I have nothing to back up what I just said...but that's what I thinked happened.:)

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