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what to do if someone is hacking in your comp?


OSNN Senior Addict
Ok my norton firewall deteced that somevody was connecting to me with a trojan backdoor sub7 and my firewall blocked it. I dunno what to do what should i do? his ip is... IP and information removed as this guy/girl is probably a victim his/herself ...xsivforce


OSNN Senior Addict
ok i printed out a screenshot and u can look at it here.

screenshot removed to remove the ip from view ...xsivforce


Well; you could treport him, but it looks like whoever that is may be a victyem too. hes got a netbus port open on his system.

screenshot removed to remove the ip from view ...xsivforce

Duke Zootin

I'd suggest doing nothing at this point.

Two possibilities:

First, the hacker isn't actually at the address shown, he's working thru another infected/compromised computer.

Second, it's nothing more than a script kiddie scanning for PC's infected with sub7.

If it's just a scan for sub7, then he'll move on, since your PC isn't compromised, and continue searching elsewhere.

DON'T attempt to scan/ping back at them unless you know exactly what you are doing. If you try that you are doing two things, first you are showing that your PC is present (your firewall blocked/ignored the scan I assume) at it's a valid IP address, AND you run the risk of pissing somebody off which could in return bring you a denial of service attack or constant probing.

If you continue getting scanned/probed from that IP multiple times over a couple of days, gather up your logs and forward them to your ISP and his. If you are on cable/DSL ask your ISP to change your IP address, or force a change yourself if you can.

Good luck!


this is why i think its wrong to post people's IP# ...usually the ip port scanning is some shmo to stupid to realize he is infected !!

warez boards seem to have more ethics than this board it seems!!


. . . . . . . . .
Originally posted by Duke Zootin
Errr... where did that comment come from ?? :rolleyes:

IPs can be rather personal, especially static ones. For some, it's like posting someone's social security or PID number.

_DM_ posted his info with a valid concern/question, in my opinion (and received a responsible set of answers). I think that counts towards good forum etiquite.

Just glad it ain't my IP up there. :p

Duke Zootin

Oh no, I fully agree with the thoughts of not posting IP numbers, just didn't see what 'warez boards' has to do with it.


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Originally posted by Burpster
this is why i think its wrong to post people's IP# ...usually the ip port scanning is some shmo to stupid to realize he is infected !!
I agree, the info and screenshots have been removed. That individual is probably a victim as well. I would have removed it sooner but, I hadn't seen it yet. :confused:

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