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What The....

I have a 60GB drive on my system that i use for backup. recently i have filled the 60GB so that i only have 302MB free. So i went looking for stuff to delete that i have on CDs or do not use. I came across 3 different linux distros that i did not need any more. So i pressed delete and emptyed the recyclebin. The entire thing should have take off 5GB, but when i rebooted and after running nortan, and cleaning the disc i still only had 302 MB free, any ideas?
are you using software like norton utilities or any other file recovery program? if so the unerase wizard will save these linux files for recovery. And thats why you dont get more space.
Norton is NOT bad. Using NAV 2002 and Norton Utilities and they work perfect. :D
Jz1397-4 had the same problem, You must clean youre purge files once in a while...
OK finally catch and i agree on something ........
norton bad never touch the stuff ( well except stand alone ghost )

sure from a use all the toys view point its neat,
from an after its crashed and messed everything up everything and now i have to fix it view point it sucks.

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