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what service controls network shares?


hi, i use encrypted volumes & containers, some of which have network shares on.. but the only problem is after a restart, i have to remake/configure all the shares, as the drives/folders arnt availiable until ive entered my keyfiles/passphrases..

so was thinking it would be less hassle for me to just set whichever service controls shares to disabled... then just enabale that after i have mounted the encrypted volumes/containers

this is much less hassle than setting up 12 or so shares and permissions

or is there any command/setting that can pause the startup of services for a set amount of time?
and is it just the "network connections" service that i need to stop from aurto startup?

p.s - Xp pro, sp2 (& all current hotfixes)

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Not sure what the exact service is, but you could do a batch file with the appropriate services. If it was called "service1", you could do this:

net start service1

Run that when you are ready.


sorted it...

net /y stop lanmanserver
net start browser

also can be remade in batch via this cmd
net share sharename=x: /Grant:everyone,Read
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heh i always used to dread rebooting.. having to remake all the shares (especially bad this week with having an electrician here rewiring, so this box is on/off/on/off)
glad its sorted now:)

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